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How can I make a juicy soft pork chop?
There are two major answers that come to mind.  First, brine it. Second, DON'T overcook it!  To brine, submerge the chop in a salty liquid that basically infuses liquid into the chop.  I like to use ¾ cup of salt and 2 tbsp sugar per...(read more)
Remove fish skin for cooking?
Great question!  No you certainly don’t. In fact, I would advise you to leave it on even if you don’t want to eat it.  The skin can actually serve as protection from drying out the fish during the cooking process.   When you...(read more)
What kind of wine is used in risotto recipes?
The short answer to your question is: any kind… almost. The only wines that I’d stay away from are those that are very sweet, like dessert wines, or those that you don’t find pleasant to drink. To understand this better you need to...(read more)

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